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  1. I've been working with Edie for over 2 years. I originally came to Edie wanting to compete in my second fitness competition. I was looking for a coach who believed in prepping for a show in a healthy way. Edie' s motto is she wouldn't ask her clients to do something she hasn't already tried and believed in herself. I wasn't put on any extremely low calorie diets, or given hours of cardio. I felt healthy and strong throughout both my competition preps. Edie gave me the tools I needed to surpass my goals and I placed top 5 in both competitions. Edie treats her clients like friends, she's invested in your personal well being. She takes the time to listen to my goals, worries and fears and worked with me to get my desired results. It's not only about the physical change, Edie also worked with me to build up my self confidence and overcome my shy, introverted ways to step on stage and showcase what we accomplished. She's a part of my growth, challenges, fears and successes. She's supported and believed in me from the first day I met her and I couldn't have attained the results without her by my side. I look forward to continuing to work with Edie to see what more we can accomplish together.
  2. In January 2017, I met a friend at the gym who had an amazing transformation, and I asked her, what did you do? And she answered, I have a coach, her name is Edie Vlooswyk. That moment changed my life! At that time I was depressed and lacking in motivation, start a new life in a new country was not easy, and that led me to gain weight and be out of shape. I looked in the mirror and I did not recognize myself. I tried many times to be on a diet by myself and I did not succeed. Competing was always my dream, but my fears prevented me from achieving it. Today, after four and a half months, Edie changed my life, I do not believe in chance, but fate put me on my way to the best coach ever. It's so compelling to see me again athletic and full of energy, it's like coming back to life. I do not have enough words to thank you, Edie. I would not have made it without you! You are not only the best coach ever but also a great human being.
  3. I met Edie in the gym change room, in February 2016. I had been working my butt off, and not getting anywhere. I was depressed and totally discouraged. I sit here today, only three months later, reflecting on the 12 weeks that followed that day. Edie changed my life, and saved me in so many ways. I've been overweight my entire 30 years of existence, and Edie has helped me put a stop to that! I have lost 40 pounds of fat and 13% body fat since my 30th birthday in February; but yet, I have gained so much. I have self love, which is something I have never felt before, and it is so amazing. It's so cool to check out the person in the mirror, and realize that it's ME, staring back at myself...such a wild trip! My level of confidence is huge, and I look forward to each new day, and every workout, which is also a new feeling for me. I am starting to understand my body, the way it functions, and more importantly, what it needs to function properly. Edie has taught me how to eat, and how to exercise, to achieve my goals. I have become the happy, energetic mother of my 3 sons. Although I have always been so proud of my boys, they are now proud of me too! Edie is often the topic of conversation at our dinner table, since we are all so thankful for her. She has my entire family eating cleaner, healthier meals that actually taste great! I believe people are put in our paths for a reason, and although I will never know why Edie and I ended up in the change room together, that day in February, I will be forever grateful. She is an angel that was sent to my world, when I needed her most. I am so happy, and blessed to be under her beautiful, ripped wing! ☺️ Thank you so much Edie! I can't wait to see what we can do in the next 12 weeks! Stacey Broughton before and after
  4. I have been training with Edie Since September 2015 and while I have tried trainers before none had managed to both help me achieve my goals and be motivated to keep it up. I have a long standing joint issue’s which not only did Edie take the time to understand, she also modified or changed any exercise that aggravated my joints at any given time. She also made sure I never do anything that may cause further damage or pain to my joints. On being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in many of my joints, I have lost a lot of muscle from the injections that I receive for pain control, losing strength in both hands and Shoulders are and were limited. Thanks to Edie, my joints are now protected with some much hard earned muscle which in turn have taken my pain levels down significantly. "With her wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise”, Edie will carefully listen to you, your aims and priorities and devise a continually changing and challenging program. She is completely open to your own input and suggestions, but will steer you in such a way that you are achieving much more than you thought possible. Whatever your goals are she will listen and identify how to help you reach them - for me the evidence speaks for itself. None of these things would ever be possible without Edie who has become part of my weekly and sometimes daily life. I think there is no need for me to mention that I would recommend Edie to everyone! She is funny, motivating and kind. Karen Loukota
  5. When I first started working with Edie in January of 2016, I went to her with the goal of doing a fitness competition. She helped me reach, and surpass, my goal. I successfully competed in 3 fitness competitions and came out with 4 top 5 placements in total. Competing was a great experience and I intend on continuing next season, but it wasn’t what I took the most of from my experience working with Edie. What she taught me and how she helped me in all other aspects of my life is what really stands out to me. Currently, I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life, both physically and mentally. Edie taught me how to change my life style to meet my competition and life goals. She provided me with meal and exercise plans that were manageable, directly related to my goals, and is now part of my new life style. In addition, she was there for support. She answered all my questions, provided me with explanations, and really listened to what I wanted and needed, tailoring my plans specifically for me. By teaching me, she made it possible for me to be able to feel confident that I can continue being happy and healthy during my off season and instilled an excitement for health and nutrition in me. She also helped me see that it is not about the “number” of your weight or about being “skinny”; it is about being healthy, fit, and strong. Edie makes her clients feel comfortable and supported. She helped me build my confidence and see myself in a new light. Her kind heart, positive nature, and confidence in me made a huge difference. Now, in July of 2016 I have lost 25 pounds and a whole lot of body fat, but I gained so much more. I gained knowledge, happiness, the drive to make new goals, the confidence to know I can, and will, meet those goals, and a lot of muscle! Justine Reiter Justine Reiter Before and After Training with Fitedie Justine Reiter Before and After Training with Edie Before and After Training with Fitedie - Justine Reiter
  6. They say that achieving a lean physique is 80% diet… I wanted to be fit for my staggette in Las Vegas and hired Edie to prepare my meals. Edie’s meals were delicious and I enjoyed the variety. Edie is not only passionate about helping her clients achieve their fitness goals…she is passionate about helping people. Edie is encouraging and her positive energy helped motivate me to stay on track. I will continue to recommend Edie’s services to my friends and co-workers.
  7. I had wanted to do a fitness competition for the better part of 6 years. I didn't think 'real' people did them until a friend of mine blew that theory out if the water in 2012. Edie was her coach. Edie and I started working together in April 2014 in prep for the WBFF show in July 2014. Choosing to do the show was a wonderful decision, but choosing Edie as my coach was the best decision I could have made. She is incredibly knowledgable, very perceptive and caring. All extremely important qualities in a coach while going through some pretty drastic changes in 11.5 weeks. My favourite thing about Edie, other than the technical smarts, is her compassion. She was there for me every step of the way and truly cared how I was doing overall, emotions included. I will eat much better now and work out very differently from before. I have gained so much from the training and the WBFF experience, but mostly I have gained from knowing Edie. Stacey Walyuchow Stacey before and after training with Fitedie
  8. No matter how much I write in this testimonial, it still wouldn't be enough to explain how much Edie has changed my life. My story began at the end of April, as I was working towards a deadline for a photo shoot at the beginning of July. I knew Edie from a mutual friend and couldn't think of anyone better to help me reach those goals in a short period. Needless to say my expectations were far surpassed and the results were mind blowing. My body had completely changed, I felt amazing and learnt so much more than I had ever expectedEmoji Fast forward to now, and on November 8th I will be doing the unthinkable and competing in my very first show, who would have ever thought! Edie has inspired me to make dramatic changes in my lifestyle, I look better and feel better. Our sessions although sometimes make me want to cry, she always finds a way to make me laugh, and push me when I feel like giving up. I never thought I would say this but I actually look forward to our training sessions. Candice Before and after training with fitedie

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