Meet your nutritional advisor

Edie Vlooswyk Nutritional Advisor Calgary

Edie Vlooswyk is owner and operator of fitedie’s eats a nutrition catering company for competitors, health conscious people and anyone trying to achieve a fitness goal.

Edie’s nutrition goal is to help people with the “eating” part of the fitness equation. Fitedie’s eats prepares a meal plan according to you’re goal i.e. Fat loss, muscle gain, performance, maintenance or overall health. Fitedie’s eats will consider the calorie output and prepare great tasting, nutritious meals accordingly. Six meals, six  or seven days a week are then packaged fresh and delivered right to your door twice a week.

“I am currently working towards my Nutrition practitioner specializing in Sports and Fitness diploma. I have coached close to 100 competitors over the past twelve years with great results. A lot of hard work and self-participation with knowledgeable mentors has been a valuable education”.

fitedie’s eats nutritional and dietary seasoning is proven, knowledgeable and proficient.

Click HERE to read an article from the LA Times about goaltender Jason LaBarbera who is a proven fitedie’s eats client.